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Qi Gong Elements - 4 x Weekly Classes

Qi Gong Elements - 4 x Weekly Classes

Course Description

Qigong (chi-gong) is the mindful cultivation of life force energy – feng shui for the body mind and spirit. This ‘Qigong Elements’ course is suitable for beginners and experienced alike. Terri keeps the moves gentle and simplistic yet potent. For the more experienced, these classes will take your practice to a deeper level as we engage consciously with the Elements of Nature. Terri incorporates breathing techniques and adds elemental connections for you to engage at your own level.

The sequence you will learn creates a form of mandala with your body movements and energy -  called qi (chi) and each week Terri will end the session with a guided meditation to complete it and to assimilate the energies of the session. She would be happy to arrange a time to speak with you for more details on the sessions.

“Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished.” -Lao Tze

Introducing your Qigong Teacher Terri

Terri has learnt from a Qigong- Feng Shui Grand Master and from a Master Qigong Teacher in the traditional form of lineage. She has facilitated her own classes for over 23 years and also brings her Reiki level III Practitioner energy links. Realising the powerful and healing energy available to all who participate, Terri’s qigong teaching experience includes adults of varying ages, groups of primary school children and also mature physically challenged participants. With such experience and also of working in and with diverse energy levels and systems, Terri delivers in her own unique, encouraging and friendly way and loves to share the great and multifaceted benefits of the gentle practice of qigong which come to all levels of your being.

“To a mind that is still the whole universe surrenders” - Lao Tze.


$105 (4 Classes)


Date Duration Class Times Location
Sat 15 Apr 2023 4 classes (1 class per week) 10-11.30am Kiama Campus
Sat 20 May 2023 4 classes (1 class per week) 10-11.30am Kiama Campus

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