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Introduction to Social Media

Free* for Seniors 60+

Course Description

The internet helps you stay in touch with friends and loved ones. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter let you see what’s happening in the lives of friends, and allows you to let them know what’s going on in yours. Other tools like YouTube and Flickr allow you to share videos and photos with them (and the world). Finally, there are tools like Skype that let you know when people are online and talk to them in an instant – and for free!


You will have heard about Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram, but might not be sure about what they do or how to get set up to use them. This session demonstrates how they work, so you can decide if you want to create your own accounts.


An internet-connected laptop; feel free to bring your own, but we will have laptops available for everyone! 


This session walks you through the internet’s most popular social media applications. By the end, you’ll have a good understanding of what social media is and which services you can use and when. We’ll also go through the process for setting up profiles in Facebook, Google and Twitter. When it’s done, you’ll have set up accounts in each of these social media services. We’ll also talk you through the issue of protecting your privacy while using these services


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*The NSW ‘Tech Savvy Seniors’ program is an initiative of the NSW Ageing Strategy and is funded through a partnership between the NSW Government and Telstra.


Date Duration Class Times Location
Monday 10 &17 October 2 sessions 12 - 2pm Shoalhaven
Monday 12 & 19 December 2 sessions 9:30 - 11:30am Shoalhaven
Tuesday 20 & 27 September 2 Sessions 1-3pm Kiama

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