Leisure & Lifestyle

Leisure & Lifestyle

2023 is a new year and it’s full of potential!

If it’s time for you to learn something new, then we’ve got you covered with our fun range of Lifestyle Programs.

Our 2023 Lifestyle Program includes: 

  • Languages
  • Music
  • Wellness and 
  • Podcasting

Use the links right to explore your options and continue your lifelong learning journey... 

'My husband and I really enjoyed taking the class together. We made some great friends and will be continuing with the next level!' -College Student

Meet your Tutors

Spanish Tutor, Adriana

Adriana was born in Argentina and migrated to Australia in her teens. After attending University as a mature-aged student, she forged a career in mental health, running her own business for many years. Adriana is passionate about teaching languages. Upon retirement, she decided to train to become a Spanish teacher through the Instituto Cervantes in Sydney. Her students have commented that she is an engaging, enthusiastic, and patient teacher. Adriana also teaches English to adult migrants at TAFE as a volunteer.






Qi Gong Tutor, Terri

Terri has learnt from a Qigong- Feng Shui Grand Master and from a Master Qigong Teacher in the traditional form of lineage. She has facilitated her own classes for over 23 years and also brings her Reiki level III Practitioner energy links. Realising the powerful and healing energy available to all who participate, Terri’s qigong teaching experience includes adults of varying ages, groups of primary school children and also mature physically challenged participants. With such experience and also of working in and with diverse energy levels and systems, Terri delivers in her own unique, encouraging and friendly way and loves to share the great and multifaceted benefits of the gentle practice of qigong which come to all levels of your being.

“To a mind that is still the whole universe surrenders” - Lao Tze.





Podcasting Tutor, Gabi

Gabriela Cabral is an arts manager and community cultural development facilitator with a background in theatre, radio and music.  She has worked for an array of professional theatre companies and arts organisations including the Sydney Opera House and UNESCO’s International Theatre Institute.  Gabriela was introduced to broadcasting at SBS radio, and for six years she produced and presented radio programs at Canberra’s ArtSound FM where she also ran the station’s broadcasting training. Since the foundation of Kiama Community Radio two years ago, Gabriela has been obsessed with its evolution as a valuable community resource.

Note: Kiama Community Radio (KCR) have generously gifted Gabi’s time and expertise so you only pay a small admin fee to attend.