Come and develop a new talent or unleash your inner creativity.  We have courses in art and craft run by designers that will show you how to create and express yourself artistically.  If you have a musical interest, why not stand out form the crowd and try an interesting and unique instrument such as the ukele or harmonica. The Community College can help you with basic PC skills through to advanced computer skills. 

We can show you how to take advantage of your iPad and use it to its full extent.  About to travel overseas?  We can develop your language skills so you can have great conversations with the locals and even show you how to best capture that magic moment, with our photography skills courses.  

We can even help you spice up your meals at home with one of our cooking classes.  If want to introduce a new talent into your life, then take a look at some of the unique and interesting options the College can offer you…

Computers & Digital Media

From beginner to advanced courses, we have it covered.  For the beginners, you can learn the basics of computers and discover a whole new world.  We also have advanced courses to cover Microsoft Office applications, such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Publisher and Access. 

Do you have an iPad and want to learn the basics?  We have introductory courses that show you how to set it up, use and install apps, through to advanced courses that will turn you into an iPad guru.  We even cover photo editing and how to scan your family history to achieve optimum results. 

Art, Craft & Special Interest

Want to learn a new craft or take up a new hobby?  Our courses are very social and friendly, so come along and join others as you develop a new skill or take home a piece of art.  Unleash your inner creativity and learn to draw, paint or sketch. 

Why not learn how to create your own floral artistry and learn the techniques to produce floral arrangements to complement your home.  Create your own piece of handmade heritage with the Maya Loom. You can learn the techniques developed by Indigenous people which have now become a universal fashion. 

Get exposed to Greek dancing and learn the traditional moves as you get carried away by the uplifting rhythm of the music.  Learn the real Tai Chi Ball, a lost art from China that in past generations was only shown in secret to selected Tai Chi Chuan students.  

You will gain an experiential awareness of the movement of energy (chi) through the body as you learn a pattern of movements while rotating a ball.  In the advanced class, you can learn a rare and unique set of Tai Chi movements not taught before in public.


Are you travelling overseas and want to be able to converse with the locals?  Or just want to keep your brain active and develop a new skill?  We have a range of languages available, such as Spanish, French and Italian, ranging from beginner classes through to advanced classes.  In our beginner classes, you learn how to converse in everyday situations and learn about the culture and cuisine. 

As you advance through the levels, you can develop your language skills, practice the pronunciation and understand the language construction, as you become fluent in the language of choice.  There is ample opportunity to converse with others in a fun and friendly supportive environment, with course notes included.


Want to learn a new instrument in a friendly enjoyable environment?  You can stand out from the crowd and learn the ukele or harmonica with the Community Colleges.  No previous musical experience is required.  There are beginner classes and as you develop your skills, you can progress to the advanced class. 

You will learn how to tune, play and maintain your instrument and by the end of the music sessions you will be able to play along to a range of popular songs. If the harmonica is your instrument of choice, you can learn how the harmonica works, how to make unique sounds, play in time with others, and how to make your own music.  


Do you have a digital camera and not sure how to use all of its functions?  We have classes that can teach you the core elements of digital cameras, such as white balance, exposure, file settings, flash, scene settings, focus options and much more.  

You can gain the ability to move from full auto to being able to properly control your camera for creative purposes.  Our advanced photography courses are for those with SLRs and advanced compacts, that want to develop their skills further to utilise their camera’s full capability.

Having difficulty taking that perfect photo?  About to travel and want to make sure your photos tell a great story?  We have courses that concentrate on aspects you need to lift those images beyond the literal snap.  We show you how composition, use of colour, impact of viewpoints, and timing can impact your photos. We will show you how to tell a photographic story and help you develop your own style.