If you or someone you know needs support with essential literacy skills for general living and work, we offer adult courses in a caring and supportive environment.

At the College, we are committed to a more equal society, accessible learning options, support of the individual, a community focus and professionalism. Figures from the OECD’s PIAAC survey show that 44% of Australian adults don’t have the literacy skills they need to cope with the demands of everyday life and that 1 in 30 Australians have literacy levels making them vulnerable to unemployment. It takes courage to seek assistance with literacy.

Adult Literacy for students with Support Needs

These Adult Literacy sessions are for participants with physical, emotional, intellectual and/or mental health needs. Those who require extra support with reading, writing, maths, digital literacy and communication skills for general living, community connections and work requirements. For more information CLICK HERE

Improve your Reading & Writing

Are your reading and writing skills holding you back from achieving your goals? Increase your skills in a caring and supportive environment, using a balanced combination of classroom and home-based learning methods. For more information CLICK HERE

Creative Minds

Are you keen to increase your life skills and work readiness, whilst building on your creative talent? This course includes creative art workshops and at the end of each term, you will exhibit, market and sell your product. For more information CLICK HERE