Business overview

Administration skills and business management understanding underpin roles in most industry sectors.

Our College has been training participants to become polished business professionals for many years. Students study in a simulated office environment with up-to-date technology.

Business and management students are individually supported to ensure that they successfully pathway to employment or further studies in accordance with their personal goals.

The broad range of generalist and specialist business and finance qualifications offered provide perfect pathways from entry level qualifications right through to University entry.

Many full qualification courses offer a work placement component and courses are very employment focussed.  In our latest graduating Diploma class, 8 out of 9 students obtained employment, with the remaining student pathwaying successfully to University.

Students enjoy small class sizes and a welcoming and supportive learning environment.

With Ezidebit payment plans available for all courses and VET Fee Help accessible for Diploma level qualifications, developing your administration, financial or management career has never been easier.